Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to all my new friends who will be in Mrs. Wiggs' Second Grade this year.  I am very excited to meet all my new friends in a few weeks.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was very busy this summer watching my two daughters play soccer.  They both play for Spencerport High School.  You will hear a lot of stories about Autumn and Harley.

I climbed some very high mountains this summer with my Dad and Harley.  You will meet my Dad because he comes into the classroom to help out with different activities.  His name is Mr. Maginn.

I also ran a race with my Dad.  When we write in class together, I write about what I do.  Many of my stories are about jogging, my family or walking my dog Stella.

I also like to be at my cottage.  Mrs. Marsh rented a cottage and I got to use her sailboat.  If you don't know Mrs. Marsh, she is another Second Grade teacher.  We do a lot of learning and fun events together in school.

I am excited to meet you and listen to your summer stories.  Leave a comment on this blog and tell me about yourself.  

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See you soon!

Mrs. Wiggs


  1. Ali wants you to know that she has the very same sailboat! But our sail is all blue and white with no red on it. And she also wants to know where you climb mountains. Ali climbs mountains in the Adirondacks. Her favorite hike was Mount Jo near Keene Valley because we found frogs along the way and there is a pond to play in at the bottom and a little nature center with treats. :)

  2. Hi Ali, I climbed Mt. Joe a few years ago too! I forget the name of the lake at the bottom, but I remember it was really chilly to swim in. This year I climbed Sawteeth Mountain and Gothics Mountain. It took me all day to climb up and down. The trail we followed started in Keene Valley. It was so nice to meet you today. See you in a few days! :)