Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Cheetah

The Cheetah 
By Annabelle  

Once there was a girl named Ella, she had a dog named Clover. Clover was a very good dog. They loved each other very much. But one day, while they were on a walk, Clover heard something but Ella didn't hear it. Clover barked and barked and barked. Ella said "what is the matter?" Clover would not stop barking. Ella pulled out her leash and said " BAD GIRL ". Clover went back home with Ella. Clover had to sit on the porch. She was really lucky it was summer. The same thing happened every day for two weeks. Then one day, they went on a walk in the woods and Clover saw something. It was a cheetah, that owned the woods.   Ella and Clover ran home.   They got to their house and they where safe. 

Getting used to each other

Ella And The Puppy #2 

Getting Used To Each Other 
By Annabelle K.      

Once there was a girl named Ella and she had a dog named Clover.  She loved her but it was new to Ella having a dog and doing the chores, cleaning up her business, feeding her, and walking her. So there was a lot of chores, and Ella was having a hard time doing them. So she found someone to train Clover. The person was her sister, she was in college and was training to be a veterinarian. So she had a lot of experience with animals. She went to RIso it was close to their home because they lived on 85 Limerick Lane, Rochester NY.  She came home most of the time in the night. Ella's training was at 7:00 to 8:00 am, and 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Her training was hard, they bought a robot dog to help her train herself, and they also taught clover to do some tricks. Ella also had to sleep with Clover. After a few weeks they got used to each other. It took much longer then they thought it would to get used to a new dog because Ella was still getting over the loss of her other puppy named Lily.  In a few years they became best friends. 

The new fashion

                                                           THE NEW FASHION
                                                                      by: Taya  
One day Abby was late for her job interview. The interview was at 2pm she had to go and get ready. Abby had to go and get a job. Anyway she got a fashion job and Kelly {the boss} loved her and she hired her. Abby loved the first 11 weeks of the job she made some shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts. About 13 months into the job, she had to work harder than ever because there was a fashion show going on and there was only a couple of clothes. There was going to be a lot of models to wear the cloths. Then it came time for the fashion show and it was successful. Abby had been working late very late, she went home and she went to the kitchen to go eat. The next day she had to take off work because she had to bake cookies for the family Christmas party. The day Abby went back to work she had to be in charge for the day because her boss had more things to do. Abby made 30 outfits and the other people had to make 30 things too and there was 30 people so all together they made 930 outfits. Abby quit her job and got herself her own store and she made clothes there and sold them. She hired her best friends Kelly and Ella. They all worked together and they made lots of clothes and sold all of them. They made more and more clothes until they sold out. 

                                     The End 

Gym Class

Gym class! 
By: Pizza Face (Emma) 

I am not a fan of sports anymore, I used to be. It all started in middle school, the score board was tied during our soccer game. I was on the worst team of all timeThe team I was on had the people who don't even know how to swing their leg back and kick a soccer ball! But luckily I have the skills (not really I just like making my self-esteem cool). I was subbing out on the sidelines and I was so bored, I could fall asleep! The other team was super close to scoring another goal to win the game 5-4. 
 Julia a girl on my team was about to score the winning goal until our opponent "accidentally" tripped Julia and she fell!  She got hurt so bad she had to sub out. I was the only sub out so I had to sub in for Julia. I was going on to the field feeling so nervous. The other team had the most athletic kids in our school, I had no chance against the other them! As soon as I got into position I started crying inside. I got tripped and got to take a penalty shot! How bad could this day get!?! I took a deep breathe and swung my foot back and kicked the ball as hard as I could, the ball took off. The ball went flying into the air and then... the ball drove right into the goal! We had won the game! Just in time too, there were only 5 seconds remaining on the clock. My team ran over to me and cheered! I was amazed with myself! I had just scored the winning goal! It takes a lot to have self confidence, but it is possible. 

The Dark Alleyway

The Dark Alleyway 
By Casey 

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Max, and Max had one sibling, and his name was Jack, and there parents obviously favored Jack.  They favored Jack because Jack was always doing his chores, he was always very polite, and he never complained.  Max was the exact opposite of Jack.  He was always complaining about doing his chores, Max was never polite, and he always was begging his parents to let him play outside instead of doing his chores.  The parents of course, never said yes, so he whined and whined until he got his way.  After a year, Max started to figure out that his parents favored Jack, and when Max finally figured out that they favored Jack, he got really anger.  He didn't tell his parents about his feelings, instead, he was going to try to impress his parents so they like him more than they used to. 
The next day, the first thing that Max did was do his chores without complaining, and his parents were surprised but not as much as Max wanted them to be. So when Max was done doing his chores, he said politely to him mom "may I please go outside?" Max's mother said "yes."  Then Max walked down the village, and in one of the alleyways there was a faint glow, and Max's curiosity took the best of him so he walked down the alleyway towards the light, and he found glowing rain drops.   Max picked them up and the drops did not fall down his hand, they where stuck in place.  Then Max walked home and accidentally dropped the water drops and they fell apart and they soaked up into the ground.  Max didn't really care because he didn’t think they were magic. 
The next day, Max looked outside and saw a very big, grey cloud above their house only.  Max walked outside to take a look at it and it made a thundering noise then it started to rain above their house.  It wasn't ordinary rain, it was raining gold coins!  Max rushed everyone outside and said "Look what I did!"  Max and his family were trying to get as many gold coins as possible.  When it stopped raining, Max's parents asked Max how he did it and all he said was "magic." That coin storm made Max's family rich.  From there on out, Max's parents liked him and Jack equally and they lived happily ever after.