Sunday, September 28, 2014

Does the book fit?

Selecting a book that is "just right" for young readers is not easy.  Using shoes gave us the perfect connection.  This week we used shoes to show how one book does not fit everyone.   For some, a shoe might be too big, for others, it may be too small. In addition, your interests reflect the type of shoes you have in your closet.  When we choose a book there is so much to think about first!

When selecting a book we have learned to think about 4 items.  Each item is summarized in the I PICK poster.  

P stands for purpose, why do I want to read this book?  
I stands for interest, am I interested in the topic?
C stands for comprehend, do I understand what I'm reading?
K stands for know, do I know most or all the words?

We have this hanging in our room to serve as a reminder.


This week and last week we began to fall into a routine.  We have learned many independent activities to practice skills.  This past week we studied Johnny Appleseed and celebrated his birthday with homemade applesauce.  Enjoy the peek!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Our first week of school was a success!  We enjoyed Jitter Juice to scare away the butterflies in our stomachs.  We had fun learning new things about each other.  Enjoy a quick peek into our classroom.