Thursday, January 5, 2017

The new fashion

                                                           THE NEW FASHION
                                                                      by: Taya  
One day Abby was late for her job interview. The interview was at 2pm she had to go and get ready. Abby had to go and get a job. Anyway she got a fashion job and Kelly {the boss} loved her and she hired her. Abby loved the first 11 weeks of the job she made some shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts. About 13 months into the job, she had to work harder than ever because there was a fashion show going on and there was only a couple of clothes. There was going to be a lot of models to wear the cloths. Then it came time for the fashion show and it was successful. Abby had been working late very late, she went home and she went to the kitchen to go eat. The next day she had to take off work because she had to bake cookies for the family Christmas party. The day Abby went back to work she had to be in charge for the day because her boss had more things to do. Abby made 30 outfits and the other people had to make 30 things too and there was 30 people so all together they made 930 outfits. Abby quit her job and got herself her own store and she made clothes there and sold them. She hired her best friends Kelly and Ella. They all worked together and they made lots of clothes and sold all of them. They made more and more clothes until they sold out. 

                                     The End 

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