Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Cheetah

The Cheetah 
By Annabelle  

Once there was a girl named Ella, she had a dog named Clover. Clover was a very good dog. They loved each other very much. But one day, while they were on a walk, Clover heard something but Ella didn't hear it. Clover barked and barked and barked. Ella said "what is the matter?" Clover would not stop barking. Ella pulled out her leash and said " BAD GIRL ". Clover went back home with Ella. Clover had to sit on the porch. She was really lucky it was summer. The same thing happened every day for two weeks. Then one day, they went on a walk in the woods and Clover saw something. It was a cheetah, that owned the woods.   Ella and Clover ran home.   They got to their house and they where safe. 

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