Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gym Class

Gym class! 
By: Pizza Face (Emma) 

I am not a fan of sports anymore, I used to be. It all started in middle school, the score board was tied during our soccer game. I was on the worst team of all timeThe team I was on had the people who don't even know how to swing their leg back and kick a soccer ball! But luckily I have the skills (not really I just like making my self-esteem cool). I was subbing out on the sidelines and I was so bored, I could fall asleep! The other team was super close to scoring another goal to win the game 5-4. 
 Julia a girl on my team was about to score the winning goal until our opponent "accidentally" tripped Julia and she fell!  She got hurt so bad she had to sub out. I was the only sub out so I had to sub in for Julia. I was going on to the field feeling so nervous. The other team had the most athletic kids in our school, I had no chance against the other them! As soon as I got into position I started crying inside. I got tripped and got to take a penalty shot! How bad could this day get!?! I took a deep breathe and swung my foot back and kicked the ball as hard as I could, the ball took off. The ball went flying into the air and then... the ball drove right into the goal! We had won the game! Just in time too, there were only 5 seconds remaining on the clock. My team ran over to me and cheered! I was amazed with myself! I had just scored the winning goal! It takes a lot to have self confidence, but it is possible. 

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